ViewLink New Function Launch: 3D Map - Point Camera to Here

2022-07-07 10:27:08


ViewLink, developed by Viewpro, as a strong and professional application for drone camera video streaming and control has been used and satisfied by lots of end users. Glad to announce that ViewLink has updated with a big new interface - Map with Point Camera to Here function since V3.4.6.



Technical Background: 

Nowadays, the development of 3D technology has lead a revolution. Comparing with locating the target in solidified digital system, we are eager to construct scenes more flexibly and conveniently with the assistance of 3D map. Therefore, an intelligent positioning device with accurate 3D GPS coordinates and high stability needs to be further explored. 



Point Camera to Here is a new developed function for ViewLink. Namely to build a 3D map model, real-time GPS coordinate (latitude, longitude and altitude) of the gimbal can be clearly observed on the map, and the target object can be accurately, quickly and efficiently locked. Since it can achieve precise positioning and photo recording functions, it can be widely used in First Responder and Scientific Research.  


Usage steps: 

1. Connect a gimbal (with firmware of July 2022 or newer) to ViewLink and flight controller, after the map is shown, the GPS coordinate (latitude, longitude and altitude) of the gimbal will be automatically displayed at the bottom of the map.

2. Pick a target object, right-click it will pop up a window with: latitude, longitude and altitude of this object, click "send".

3. The gimbal will turn to face the direction of the target immediately and get the corresponding image.




3D map: accurately display the GPS coordinate of the target in 3D, make the scene more observable.


Single click to turn to the target location: convenient, fast and precise positioning, so that locating the target is no longer time-consuming and laborious.

All in all, Point Camera to Here can effectively meet the accuracy, convenient  locate requirements of target, and has excellent practicability.


More info and download link of ViewLink:

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